How to play music from your phone through your car speakers

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Listening to music in car

By Sid Pranke – SF Planet

Most people bring their smartphones everywhere they go, including of course their cars. If you have music and playlists stored on your phone, and you don’t like what is on the radio, you have the option to listen to the music and playlists stored on your phone through your car speakers.

To accomplish this, what you need is a simple 3.5mm to 3.5mm stereo audio cable. You plug one end of this cable into the jack on your phone and the other end to the Auxiliary port in your car. In newer cars, there usually are several ports available to use, including an Auxiliary port. This Auxiliary port might be near the radio controls or in some vehicles, under the driver’s armrest.

Auxiliary port in car

Example of auxiliary port located on car audio console.








Second type of car auxiliary port

Example of auxiliary port located underneath car’s driver armrest.








Once both ends of the cable are plugged in, start up your car (if it is not already running), cycle through the CD/Auxiliary knob on your car’s stereo control to select Auxiliary. Then choose a song or playlist on your phone and hit play. Voila! Music to your ears that is stored on your phone playing through your car’s stereo speakers.

FosPower 3.5mm (M) to 3.5mm (M) Stereo Audio Cable

A stereo cable can be used to play the music stored in your phone over your car’s audio system. To order and for more information, click here.










You might be able impress your friends and family with this trick on long road trips. It works for Android devices, as well as iPhones and iPods. You will be able to control the levels of the music stored on your phone using the knobs on your car’s audio system.

So, it is time for two things to happen:

  • Load your smartphone with all your favorite music and create playlists
  • Order a stereo audio cable from SF Planet – you may choose from 3-, 6-, 15- or 25-foot lengths. Personally, I would order the 3-foot length, but that is just me.

Tip: Make sure you have your phone charger with you in your car, because playing music will drain power from your smartphone.



    1. sid.pranke

      Hello – if you don’t have an auxiliary port, you could try Bluetooth speaker or FM transmitter.

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