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Jabra C220S 2.5mm Stereo Headset fits most Cell Phone models


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Jabra C220S 2.5mm Stereo Headset fits most Cell Phone models

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Flexible stereo headset for both phones and music players With its flexible behind-the-ear wearing style, the C220s gives you the freedom to enjoy the best in stereo sounds and at the touch of a button use your mobile phone. It comes with an adaptor for use with music players.

High-quality sound by design
The C220s combines high-quality mini-speakers with Jabra(tm)s patented MiniGels to deliver superior stereo sound quality.

Depending on your phone, the C220s automatically mutes to receive incoming calls and resumes playing when you have finished your call. The in-line microphone gives excellent voice pick-up.

One touch control
With the in-line answer/end button, you can activate voice dialling* and answer/end calls with one touch.

2.5mm Universal Headset
Works with most 2.5mm phones and devices.


  • In-Line button activates and makes answering and ending calls easy
  • Discreet, behind-the-ear design for secure listening comfort
  • Jabra MiniGels ensure superior sound clarit. Soft and washable.
  • In-line microphone for clear voice pick-up

Additional Information
Name Jabra C220S 2.5mm Stereo Headset fits most Cell Phone models
UPC / EAN # 6.07E+11
Manufacturer Jabra
Mfg Model # C220s
Weight (lbs) 0.1250
Free Shipping Free Shipping
Cable Length No
Color No
Model Compatibility Acer n30
Acer n50
Airis N509
Airis NC05 / NC05A
Airis SmartPhone T470 / T470i
Airis T605
Airis T620
AnexTEK moboDA 3160
AnexTEK moboDA 3360
AnexTEK moboDA 3380
AnexTEK SP230
AnexTEK SP310
Asus Aries
Asus MyPal A639
Asus P505
Asus P515
Asus P525
Asus P526
Asus P535
Asus P735
Audiovox PPC-4100
Audiovox PPC-5050 (HTC Falcon)
Audiovox PPC-6600 (HTC Harrier)
Audiovox PPC-6601 (HTC Harrier)
Audiovox SMT-5600 (HTC Typhoon)
Audiovox Thera PDA-2032
Audiovox XV6700 (HTC Apache)
Axia A108
Axia A308
BenQ P50
BenQ-Siemens P51
Bsquare Power Handheld
Cingular 2125 / 2100 (HTC Faraday)
Cingular 8100 (HTC Wizard 100)
Cingular 8125 (HTC Wizard 110)
CyberBank POZ 0850
CyberBank POZ 0870
CyberBank POZ 1870
CyberBank POZ 2470
CyberBank POZ B300
CyberBank POZ X301
CyberBank POZ X310
CyberBank POZ X501
Dallab DP900
Dallab DX8
Dopod 515 (HTC Canary)
Dopod 535 (HTC Voyager)
Dopod 565 (HTC Typhoon)
Dopod 566 / 586
Dopod 575 (HTC Feeler)
Dopod 577W (HTC Tornado Noble)
Dopod 585 (HTC Amadeus)
Dopod 586W (HTC Tornado Tempo)
Dopod 686 (HTC Wallaby)
Dopod 696 / 696i (HTC Himalaya)
Dopod 699 (HTC Alpine)
Dopod 700 (HTC Blue Angel)
Dopod 818 (HTC Magician)
Dopod 828+ (HTC Magician Refresh)
Dopod 830 / 818 Pro (HTC Prophet)
Dopod 838 (HTC Wizard 110)
E-TEN Glofiish M700
E-TEN Glofiish X500
E-TEN InfoTouch G500
E-TEN InfoTouch G500+
E-TEN InfoTouch M500
E-TEN InfoTouch M550
E-TEN InfoTouch M600
E-TEN InfoTouch M600+
E-TEN InfoTouch P300
E-TEN InfoTouch P300B
E-TEN InfoTouch P600
E-TEN InfoTouch P603
E-TEN InfoTouch P610
E-TEN InfoTouch P700
Everex E500
Everex E900
Everex Neon
Everex SP360
Gigabyte g-Smart
Hewlett-Packard iPAQ 500 / 510 / 512 / 514
Hewlett-Packard iPAQ H1910 / H1915
Hewlett-Packard iPAQ H1930 / H1935
Hewlett-Packard iPAQ H1937
Hewlett-Packard iPAQ H1940 / H1945
Hewlett-Packard iPAQ hw6510 (HTC Beetles)
Hewlett-Packard iPAQ hw6515 (HTC Beetles)
Hewlett-Packard iPAQ hw6910 / hw6920 / hw..
Hewlett-Packard iPAQ hw6915 / hw6925 / hw..
Hewlett-Packard iPAQ rw6100
Hewlett-Packard iPAQ rw6815
Hewlett-Packard iPAQ rw6818
Hewlett-Packard iPAQ rw6828
Hewlett-Packard iPAQ rw6828 Titanium Black
Hitachi FLORA-ie MX1
Hitachi G1000
HTC S320 (HTC Monet)
Hyundai A100
Hyundai A200
iDO S600
iDO S601 (Kinpo Neon)
iDO S630 (Kinpo Tin)
I-Mate JAM (HTC Magician)
I-Mate JAMin (HTC Prophet)
I-Mate JAQ
I-Mate JAQ3
I-Mate JAQ4
I-Mate K-JAM (HTC Wizard 200)
I-Mate K-JAR
I-Mate New JAM / JAM Limited Edition (HTC..
I-Mate PDA2 Pocket PC (HTC Alpine)
I-Mate PDA2k (HTC Blue Angel)
I-Mate PDA2k EVDO (HTC Harrier)
I-Mate Pocket PC Phone Edition (HTC Himal..
I-Mate Smartphone (HTC Tanager)
I-Mate SP2 (HTC Voyager)
I-Mate SP3 (HTC Typhoon)
I-Mate SP3i (HTC Feeler)
I-Mate SP4m (HTC Douton)
I-Mate SP5 (HTC Tornado Noble)
I-Mate SP5m (HTC Tornado Tempo)
Intermec CV30
Inventec Mercury
i-teq Bond
i-teq X-Bond
izenMobile KRMA
izenMobile KSMT
Krome Intellekt iQ200 (HTC Voyager)
Krome Intellekt iQ700 (HTC Typhoon)
Krome Mega M900i
Krome Navigator F1 (HTC Himalaya)
Krome Spy (HTC Magician Refresh)
Lenovo ET960
Lobster 700 TV (HTC Monet)
LG LX-570 Muziq
Medion MDPPC 100 (MD7200)
Medion MDPPC 150 (MD95459)
Medion MDPPC 250 (MD41800)
Medion MDSP 150 (MD95282)
MiTAC Mio 168 Digi-Walker
MiTAC Mio 168RS Digi-Walker
MiTAC Mio 180 Digi-Walker
MiTAC Mio 336 Digi-Walker
MiTAC Mio 336BT Digi-Walker
MiTAC Mio 339 Digi-Walker
MiTAC Mio 558 Digi-Walker
MiTAC Mio 8380 Digi-Walker
MiTAC Mio 8390 Digi-Walker
MiTAC Mio 8870 Digi-Walker
MiTAC Mio A201 Digi-Walker
MiTAC Mio A501 Digi-Walker
MiTAC Mio A700 Digi-Walker
MiTAC Mio A701 Digi-Walker
MiTAC Mio C520 Digi-Walker
MiTAC Mio C720 Digi-Walker
Mobile Compia M2
Mobile Compia M3
Motorola A388
Motorola A630
Motorola A840
Motorola a845
Motorola C115
Motorola C139
Motorola C155
Motorola C261
Motorola C290
Motorola C331t/g
Motorola C332t/g
Motorola C333c/g
Motorola C341
Motorola C343
Motorola C350
Motorola C352
Motorola C353
Motorola c650
Motorola E310
Motorola E380
Motorola E398
Motorola E815
Motorola i920
Motorola i930
Motorola L7082
Motorola L7089
Motorola MPx100
Motorola MPx200
Motorola MPx220
Motorola Q
Motorola Q gsm
Motorola Q q9
Motorola P7382
Motorola P7389
Motorola ROKR E1
Motorola ST7797
Motorola Startac
Motorola T193
Motorola T300
Motorola T720
Motorola T720i
Motorola T721
Motorola T721g
Motorola T722
Motorola T722i
Motorola T725
Motorola T730
Motorola T730c
Motorola T730i
Motorola T731
Motorola Timeport 280
Motorola V100
Motorola V120
Motorola V170
Motorola V171
Motorola V173
Motorola V177
Motorola v180
Motorola V186
Motorola V188
Motorola V190
Motorola V195
Motorola v220
Motorola V260
Motorola V262
Motorola V265
Motorola V266
Motorola V276
Motorola V2260
Motorola V2267
Motorola V2282
Motorola V2288
Motorola V2290
Motorola V2297
Motorola V235
Motorola V2397
Motorola V300
Motorola V302
Motorola V323
Motorola V325
Motorola V330
Motorola V360
Motorola V361
Motorola V365
Motorola v400
Motorola V400p
Motorola V500
Motorola v505
Motorola V525
Motorola V535
Motorola V540
Motorola V545
Motorola V547
Motorola V550
Motorola V551
Motorola V555
Motorola V557
Motorola V600
Motorola V60
Motorola V635
Motorola V66
Motorola V70
Motorola V710
Motorola v810
Motorola W315
Navigon PNA Transonic 4000
NEC MobilePro 770
NEC MobilePro 780
NEC MobilePro 790
Nokia N-Gage QD
Nokia N-Gage
Nokia N91
Nokia N80
Nokia N73
Nokia 8890
Nokia 8860
Nokia 8801
Nokia 8800
Nokia 8390
Nokia 8290
Nokia 8270
Nokia 8265i
Nokia 8265
Nokia 8260
Nokia 7280
Nokia 6600
Nokia 6590i
Nokia 6590
Nokia 6236i
Nokia 6235i
Nokia 6230i
Nokia 6070
Nokia 6061
Nokia 6030
Nokia 6010
Nokia 5300
Nokia 3660
Nokia 3650
Nokia 3620
Nokia 3600
Nokia 3595
Nokia 3590
Nokia 3560
Nokia 3520
Nokia 3395
Nokia 3390
Nokia 3360
Nokia 2651
Nokia 2610
Nokia 2600
Nokia 2260
Nokia 1261
Nokia 1260
Nokia 1100
O2 XDA (HTC Wallaby)
O2 XDA Atom
O2 XDA Atom Exec
O2 XDA Atom Life (Quanta Apollo)
O2 XDA Atom Pure
O2 XDA Flame
O2 XDA Graphite (Asus Jupiter)
O2 XDA II (HTC Himalaya)
O2 XDA II mini (HTC Magician)
O2 XDA II mini Black (HTC Magician)
O2 XDA IIi (HTC Alpine)
O2 XDA IIs / XDA III (HTC Blue Angel)
O2 XDA IQ (HTC Tornado Noble)
O2 XDA mini PRO (HTC Wizard 200)
O2 XDA mini S (HTC Wizard 200)
O2 XDA Neo (HTC Prophet)
O2 XDA Orion (HTC Tornado Noble)
O2 XDA Zinc (Asus Mars II)
O2 Xphone (HTC Voyager)
O2 Xphone II (HTC Feeler)
O2 Xphone IIm (HTC Amadeus)
Orange SPV (HTC Canary)
Orange SPV C500 (HTC Typhoon)
Orange SPV C550 (HTC Hurricane)
Orange SPV C600 (HTC Faraday)
Orange SPV E100 (HTC Tanager)
Orange SPV E200 (HTC Voyager)
Orange SPV M1000 (HTC Himalaya)
Orange SPV M2000 (HTC Blue Angel)
Orange SPV M2500 (HTC Alpine)
Orange SPV M3000 (HTC Wizard 200)
Orange SPV M500 (HTC Magician)
Orange SPV M600 (HTC Prophet)
ORSiO n725 / n725 GPS
Palm Treo 700w
Palm Treo 700wx
Palm Treo 750 (Palm Lennon)
Palm Treo 750v (Palm Lennon)
Pharos GPS Phone
Psion Teklogix netBook Pro
Qool QDA Icon
Qool QDA Lite
Qool QDA Oh!
Qtek 1010 (HTC Wallaby)
Qtek 2020 (HTC Himalaya)
Qtek 2020i (HTC Alpine)
Qtek 2060 (HTC Himalaya)
Qtek 7070 (HTC Tanager)
Qtek 8010 (HTC Typhoon)
Qtek 8020 (HTC Feeler)
Qtek 8060 (HTC Voyager SV10B)
Qtek 8080 (HTC Voyager)
Qtek 8200 (HTC Hurricane)
Qtek 8300 (HTC Tornado Tempo)
Qtek 8310 (HTC Tornado Noble)
Qtek 9090 (HTC Blue Angel)
Qtek 9100 (HTC Wizard 200)
Qtek S100 (HTC Magician)
Qtek S110 (HTC Magician)
Qtek S200 (HTC Prophet)
RoverPC M1
Sagem myS-7
Sagem WA3050
Samsung SCH-i600 / SP-i600
Samsung SCH-i730
Samsung SCH-i830 / IP-830w
Samsung SCH-M600
Samsung SGH-i300
Samsung SGH-i300x
Samsung SGH-i310
Samsung SGH-i320
Samsung SGH-i320n
Samsung SPH-i700
Sanyo M1
Saturn SP90
Sharp W-ZERO3 [es] WS007SH
Sharp W-ZERO3 WS003SH
Sharp W-ZERO3 WS004SH
Siemens P50
Siemens SX56 (HTC Wallaby)
Siemens SX66 (HTC Blue Angel)
Silicon-i i800
Sprint PPC-6600 (HTC Harrier)
Sprint PPC-6601 (HTC Harrier)
Sprint PPC-6700 (HTC Apache)
Symbol PDT 8000
Tatung M1
Tatung M1A
T-Mobile MDA (HTC Wallaby)
T-Mobile MDA Compact (HTC Magician)
T-Mobile MDA Compact II (HTC Charmer)
T-Mobile MDA II (HTC Himalaya)
T-Mobile MDA III (HTC Blue Angel)
T-Mobile MDA US (HTC Wizard 200)
T-Mobile MDA Vario (HTC Wizard 200)
T-Mobile SDA (HTC Sonata)
T-Mobile SDA II (HTC Robbie)
T-Mobile SDA II Music (HTC Hurricane)
T-Mobile SDA Music (HTC Amadeus)
T-Mobile SDA US (HTC Tornado Tempo)
Toshiba Portg G500
Toshiba Portg G900
Toshiba Thera 2032
Trium Mondo
Typhoon MyGuide 3500 mobile
Typhoon MyGuide 3500 XL
Typhoon MyGuide 7500
Typhoon MyGuide 7500 XL
Typhoon MyGuide M500
Typhoon MyGuide Smartphone SP 700
Typhoon MyPhone M500
UBiQUiO 401
UBiQUiO 501
UBiQUiO 601
Verizon XV6600 (HTC Harrier)
Verizon XV6700 (HTC Apache)
Vodafone v1240 (HTC Tornado Noble)
Vodafone v1620 (HTC Blue Angel Refresh)
Vodafone VDA (HTC Feeler)
Vodafone VDA II (HTC Tornado Noble)
Vodafone VPA Compact (HTC Magician Refres..
Vodafone VPA Compact II (HTC Wizard 110)
Vodafone VPA III (HTC Blue Angel)
Voq Professional A10
Voq Professional A11
Yakumo PDA Delta
Yakumo PDA Delta 300 GPS
Yakumo PDA Delta 400
Yakumo PDA deltaX 5 BT
Zenum Opus Operis
Product Type Headsets
Condition New
MSRP $29.99
DD Coupon Code No
DD Final Price No
DD Expiration Date No
DD Rules No

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